February 15, 2017 - La Corona

February 15, 2017 - 6 pm:  IMS Feature Presentation

The Crown Spoils: La Corona and the Hegemonic  Rule of the Kaanul Kingdom,

with Marcello  A. Canuto,  Director of the Middle American Research Institute (MARI); Associate Professor of Anthropology at Tulane.

A central theme in Maya studies has been the interpretation and the use of models for the ancient capitals of the Classical Period. This talk discusses the variability of those systems political of the Classic period through both space and time. Indeed, this dynamism suggests that the categorization of certain sites as “Maya capitals” is too static to be used extensively. In fact, investigations at La Corona have demonstrated the extensive reuse and veneration of monuments, a practice the implies the ancient Maya were quite aware of the changing fortunes of political systems.

This presentation deploys both epigraphic and archaeological data to consider how changes at La Corona reflect strategies of regional hegemonic control on the part of the Kaanul kingdom throughout the 7th and 8th centuries CE. It also considers the impacts on La Corona of the receding and fading of Kaanul’s power in the middle of the 8th century CE. In addition, by recognizing and studying reactions to changes in Maya political systems, we can better appreciate how ancient Maya political landscapes were formed and transformed but also how these same ancient Maya reacted to these changes.

Marcello Step1 


(Left) Marcello excavating Step 1 of Hieroglyphic Stairway 2 at La Corona. Photo courtesy of Jocelyne Ponce..






(Right)Marcelo beams at finding a carved stone tablet at El Achiotal that has been dated to November 22, 418 CE. Photo:Tulane University.Marcello Stone tablet











The Institute of Maya Studies is now a community partner with Miami Dade College – Kendall Campus, Miami, FL. This program will take place at 6 p.m. in K-413 (in Building K-4, Room 13). Check out the campus map for the location of Building K-4 on mdc.com or, call the Maya Hotline (305-279-8110) for directions.



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