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Regular Lectures - Two lectures a month offered by members of IMS and scholars in the field of Maya studies, most of which can be viewed online.


Sample Videos:









The IMS Explorerour monthly newsletter with articles about the ancient and modern Maya written by members and scholars in the field of Maya studies. 


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IMS Image Library - IMS has a large collection of images done at site throughout Mesoamerica over the last 30 plus years. We are currently creating a gallery of many of these images.

Here is a sample using a comparison of images taken at Copan in 1976 and 2007. Click on an image for a larger version.

Copan Comparison

A Comparison from 1976 and 2007 These photogrpahics show some of the changes that have occured over the years at Copan. In each comparison one photograph was taken in 1976 and the other is roughly the same area photographed in 2007. Example A Example B Example C Example D Example E Example F


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